Get Involved & Volunteer
Want to volunteer? Join Community Action by providing your time and your experience to help communities in need. Our volunteers work in areas such as Head Start/Early Head Start, job seeker classes, events and with our advocacy programs that work to end poverty. We are passionate about what we do and hope to match volunteers with work that is meaningful to them. We invite you, your group, or your family to join our team and serve the participants of Community Action.

Community Action’s Volunteer Program is Service Enterprise CertifiedSE logo
Service Enterprises are organizations that deeply integrate volunteers to successfully deliver on their missions. Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties values the time and dedication provided by our team of volunteers. Volunteers work with us to deliver high-quality services to members of the community who are in need. Community Action views volunteers as a valuable resource and aims to give volunteers meaningful responsibilities, effective supervision, and recognition for work provided. In turn, we pledge to provide support and empowerment to all of our volunteers, helping them to use their skills and talents to serve our participants.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to view our volunteer openings. For more information, contact the Volunteer Program at or 651-603-5979 or visit our FAQ page.

Become a Volunteer
We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the Volunteer Program at Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties. To become a volunteer, complete an application and schedule an interview.