Financial Literacy Workshops

We offer financial literacy classes each month.  These classes can help you invest in your future by giving you the knowledge and skills necessary to begin creating a realistic budget, reducing debt, saving, and building/improving your credit.

  • Budgeting to Create Savings
    You will learn to use a monthly debt and spending tracker to find spending leaks in your budget.  With that information, you will learn how to create a workable budget and begin saving.  These tools will provide you with the ability to make wise money choices and either begin to save or reduce debt.
  • Debt Reduction and Asset Building
    Learn how to make a debt plan that will prioritize what you owe and get it paid off faster.  Improve your net worth and learn the importance of building assets.  Understand how retirement plans, savings accounts, and investments are assets that can build financial security.
  • Building a Good Credit Rating
    Understand how to use credit to your advantage. Learn how to receive a free copy of your credit report annually, also learn how to read your credit report and fix errors.
  • Consumer Protection
    Learn the benefits of having a checking and savings account at a financial institution.  Understand different types of insurance and how to protect your identity and your assets.