Financial literacy is all about learning the skills to make better decisions about money management.  These skills are critical in today’s complex society and tough economy. Having the knowledge and skills is especially important for low-income individuals and families.  While helping low-income individuals get a leg up, it is important to teach them how to build assets and become financially independent.

Financial literacy is an important avenue to move out of poverty. Steady employment is a crucial aspect, but a good job is not the only factor. Many low-income families are faced with bad credit, debt and left with difficult options to recover from financial setbacks.  Financial literacy is intended to be a positive asset-building path for long-term financial health.

Community Action provides free financial literacy classes every month. Start investing in your future by getting the knowledge and skills necessary to begin taking control of your finances.

Financial Literacy Classes include:
1. Budgeting to Create Savings
2. Debt Reduction and Asset Building
3. Building a Good Credit Rating
4. Consumer Protection

  • Ramsey County classes are held at the Community Action Building, 450 Syndicate Street N, in the lower level
  • Classes are free, so come in and start taking control of your finances
  • All necessary course materials will be provided

Call 651-603-5881 to reserve your seat.