How does it work?


Work begins with an energy audit, during which we visit your house to see what measures can be taken to help reduce the home’s energy bill. This visit takes three to four hours onsite and three to four hours office write-up. During the audit, an Energy Specialist:

  • Performs a safety and efficiency test on your heating system and water heater
  • Measures your house for heat loss calculations
  • Inspects your attic for bypasses
  • Checks insulation levels in your attic and walls
  • Conducts a blower door test that measures the air leakage of your house
  • Provides home energy education

After your audit is completed, our Energy Specialist will determine which energy measures are most effective.


We then send out a licensed, insured, and bonded mechanical contractor to perform a thorough clean-and-tune of the heating system and to address health and safety issues or mechanical problems that the Energy Specialist found.


Next, we send out our carpentry crews to do the weatherization work. Work may include sealing air leaks, insulating attics and walls, and addressing other health and safety issues within your home.


Finally, our inspector makes a visit to your house to make sure everything was done properly. The inspector goes over the completed work with you to make sure you are satisfied, and to answer any questions you may have.