Why is my Energy Assistance grant split into multiple payments?

The goal of Energy Assistance is to help lower our client’s bills during the winter months when heating costs are the highest. Grants are generally split into more than one payment to make heating bills more affordable.


I am Self Employed, what do I need to submit as proof of my income?

If you are Self Employed, you will need to submit a copy of your Federal tax return and schedules for the previous year. If you did not file Self employment taxes for the previous year, you will need to request a Self Employment work-sheet from our office.


I have been laid-off of my job and Unemployment is my only source of income. How do I show proof of Unemployment income?

You may obtain a print out of your unemployment benefits from their website: http://www.uimn.org To log-in you must know your SS# and pin # (which was mailed to you). Make sure you go to “Payment History” and enter the date range (for the month requested). Print, make sure you put your name and HH # or SS# on it, and if there are any amounts on deductions, please click on the blue $ amount and print that too, so we know what was also deducted. (We are looking at gross)


I provided copies of my income last season when I applied, do I still need to send new income even though I make the same amount?

Yes, It is required that you send new proof of income each season when you reapply. Income may vary depending the months.


The application asks if I would like 30% of my grant to be sent to my electric company and I’m not sure what to check?

Most people will have the same vender for both heat and electric. This question is only for those who have a separate company that provides their electric. If you do not have 2 separate vendors; you do not need to answer this question.