The Anti-Poverty Soldier was launched in the spring of 2014 by Dr. Clarence Hightower. In his 34 years of providing executive leadership to the Twin Cities nonprofit sector, Dr. Hightower has presided over a number of agencies designed to reduce poverty and deliver employment, education, housing, and other critical services to low-income residents. The fight against poverty has always been central to both Dr. Hightower’s professional career and personal principles. As poverty has risen precipitously throughout the United States over the last decade, he has helped coordinate a number of strategies, initiatives, and events to increase awareness of poverty and foster new and innovative solutions. Of particular concern in recent years has been the Twin Cities increasing reputation as one of the most livable metropolitan areas in America despite its staggering disparities between white residents and its citizens of color, particularly African Americans. Therefore, to address these inequities and to further elevate the discussion on poverty, this column was born.

The Anti-Poverty Soldier Column – Volume 4

The Anti-Poverty Soldier Column – Volume 3

The Anti-Poverty Soldier Column – Volume 2

The Anti-Poverty Soldier Column – Volume 1