It’s Community Action Week. Read About Our Participants!

Unable to find full-time work, Prince held down temporary jobs for years, trying to provide for his wife and two children. Living in Section 8 housing without reliable transportation, the United States veteran questioned if he’d ever achieve the American Dream. His fortunes changed when he participated in Community Action’s leadership and advocacy program. He calls it a decision that “changed his life forever.”

Prince obtained a permanent, full-time position and then decided to deal with unresolved credit issues and his family’s substandard housing situation. Prince wanted his family to be completely self-sufficient and was determined to become a homeowner. He found help in FAIM (Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota), Community Action’s matched savings program.

He worked closely with his FAIM program coordinator.  Through careful sacrifice and astute planning, Prince – on his $25,000 salary – paid off nearly $5,000 in debt and increased his credit rating 100 points in a single year! The money he saved through FAIM, coupled with a City Living grant and his improved credit, enabled Prince to purchase a home at a competitive interest rate with a very affordable mortgage payment. Prince’s hard work and a steadfast commitment to his goals also earned him Community Action’s “Saver of the Year” Award in 2010

“Without Community Action, a lot of people wouldn’t have anything. Others might not consider my home or the neighborhood where I live to be the nicest, but to me, there is nothing better”, says Prince.