It’s Community Action Week. Read About Our Participants!

Head Start has a positive affect.

Kathy and her husband live in St. Paul with their five children. When her oldest children were pre-school age, Kathy enrolled them in Community Action’s Head Start Program at the Ruth Benner Center. Kathy immediately noticed the positive affect Head Start classes had as her daughters grew both educationally and socially.  Kathy and her husband wanted to make sure all their children received a quality early childhood education.  Currently, one child is in Head Start and two are in Early Head Start.

Early Head Start was instrumental in helping one daughter overcome fine motor skill difficulty through an outpatient therapy. That’s one of the things that makes Early Head Start so important to Kathy, who says that Head Start programs “don’t just help kids learn, but they provide referrals, ensure children are up-to-date with their vaccinations and help parents recognize milestones kids should be achieving.”  Kathy also says that this expanded help “was critical to getting my husband more involved in what was going on, as well as other family members.” 

Kathy also participated by serving as Chairperson of the Head Start Policy Council and President of the Early Head Start Parent Committee. She credits these experiences with starting new friendships and promoting diversity and cultural awareness, not just among children, but among their parents as well.